The Engare Sero river waterfall is a 30-45 minute walk from the campsite. A local guide is required to lead the way, following the river up the gorge, crossing back and forth several times. Leaving behind the arid steppes, you will find yourself in an oasis of waterfalls and palm trees. This is truly a remnant of paradise.




Lake Natron lies in the Rift Valley of Northern Tanzania bordered by the Rift Valley escarpment, volcanoes: Ol Doinyo Gelai and Ol Doinyo Lengai, and the Kenya border. Home to a number of shore birds, it is the breeding ground of the Lesser Flamingo. Named after the high content of sodium carbonate decahydrate (natron), it’s high alkalinity can be caustic to animal life not adapted to it. As there is no outlet for the lake, the size varies by the seasonal rainfall. High rainfall expands the lake to approximately 35 miles in length by 14 miles in width with a depth of less than 10 feet. A number of hot springs feed into the lake, home to the tiny alkaline tilapia fish. Access to the Lake from World View Campsite is a short drive by Land Rover or an arranged hike by the local Maasai guides.




About a 15 minute Land Rover drive from the campsite will bring you to reportedly the oldest human footprints preserved in the volcanic ash near Lake Natron. These footprints were discovered by a local Maasai herder in 2006. In 2009, a scientific research team was organized to investigate these ancient human trails and noted that they may be dated around 120,000 years ago making them the oldest known human traces of pedal passage.




                                                         WORLDVIEW CAMPSITE FEES





          US $10 PER ADULT PER NIGHT

          US $5 AGE 5-17

          UNDER 5 FREE





         FULL BOARD (3 meals a day)

                 $75 PER ADULT PER NIGHT

                 $32.50 PER CHILD 5-17 PER NIGHT

                 UNDER 5 FREE


         HALF BOARD

                 $50 PER ADULT PER NIGHT

                 $25 PER CHILD 5-17 PER NIGHT

                UNDER 5 FREE




                                                                 ADDITIONAL FEES




ACTIVITY FEE  (Includes visits to waterfall, Lake Natron, Footprints)


                  US$ 20/PERSON (ONE TIME)

                  US$10  CHILD 5-17 (ONE TIME)





            CAMPING  US$ 10 (ENTRY) + US$ 20 + VAT 18% = US$ 35.40 DAILY

                                US$ 17.70 DAILY   CHILD 5-17

                                UNDER 5 FREE


             LODGING US$ 10 (ENTRY) + US$ 15 + VAT 18% = US$ 29.50 DAILY

                                US$ 23.60 DAILY   CHILD 5-17

                                UNDER 5 FREE





               1 PERSON - $100 US

               2-4 PERSONS - $70 US PER PERSON

               5+ PERSONS - $60 US PER PERSON




             20,000 TZ SHILLINGS PER CAR